Citrox products are ideally suited to be used across a number of industries and application use

Dairy and Beverage Industry

Feta cheese brine
Natural decontaminant against moulds and yeasts which cause blowing inside barrels and affects quality. Use as an ingredient to the brine.
Product: Citrox BC (addition in the brine)

Conveyor belts, equipment
Replaces alcohol as a sanitiser. Processing Aid classification means that the products can be in contact with food during production.
Product: Citrox BioKlenz

Cheese storage
For the sanitising of the rooms to control mould growth on the cheese. No need to remove cheese.
Product: Citrox BioKlenz

Tank Cleaning and sanitising
For CIP use in tanks, filter systems and pipelines.
Effective at removing milkstone, beerstone and other mineral deposits
Product: Citrox Saniwash 14T

Sanitising of plastic foil or drums
Use where feta cheese is being packaged. This applies for all soft cheeses.
Product: Citrox BioKlenz (spraying or fogging)

Bottle rinsing and container sanitising
Used as a "Processing Aid" to clean off surfaces. Non tainting and safe
Product: Citrox Bioklenz

Water treatment
For treating water in Reverse osmosis water recovery
Product: Citrox Bioklenz

Pump and equipment cooling water treatment
Used to treat cooling water in pump seals, pasteurisers, separators
Product: Citrox Bioklenz

Juices and Beverages
Replacement of preservatives. Allows "Clean labeling"
Product: Citrox BC

For the sanitising and cleaning of all surfaces including barrels and tanks.
Very good for the long term storage of wine barrels.
Product: Citrox Bioklenz, Citrox Saniwash 14T

For the control of Biosecurity in factories, farms and other critical hygiene areas. For use in footbaths to replace QAC sanitisers. For Foot and Mouth control on farms.
Product: Citrox Bioklenz

Meat Industry

Meat Burgers
Replacement of preservatives to increase shelf-life of products. When used for frozen products, the burger does not get a dark color.
Product: Citrox BC Flavor compound powder

Ham products
Extension of shelf life.
Product: Citrox BC

Equipment and surface sanitising
Non rinse applications to equipment, conveyor belts and building surfaces
Product: Citrox BioKlenz

Direct food contact
Non rinse applications with Citrox BC and Citrox BioKlenz sprayed directly onto meat. Use for the decontamination of meat carcasses and fish fillets. NZFSA and FSANZ allow it as a "Processing Aid" under current regulations.

Animal Feeds

Water acidifier - to ensure inner health and freedom from pathogens such as gram+ and gram- bacteria, fungi and viruses.
Product: Citrox PWT

Decontamination of farms
Decontamination of buildings and equipment to ensure that cross-infections do not occur, particularly where the animals are being bred in close proximity. Decontamination of freshly slaughtered poultry carcasses prior to preparation and packaging.
Product: Citrox 14W Plus and Citrox Envirofoam 14X


Crop Protection
Aids plant and crop health through improved nutrition. Assists the activation of the plants natural protection and defence mechanisms (pytoalexins) throughout the season.
Product: Citrox ProAlexin and BioAlexin (organic)

Fruit & Vegetable

Leafy vegetables (lettuce, cabbage)
Replacement of chlorine in washing systems
Product: Citrox BioKlenz

Replacement of chlorine in washing systems
Product: Citrox BioKlenz

Washing of cucumber
For "tzatziki" production.
Product: Citrox BioKlenz

Olives production
Preservation of brine. /Ingredient to serve as a preservative
Product: Citrox BC

Salads/ Dressings

Eggplant salad, Tzatziki etc:
Replacement of preservatives - Extension of shelf life and allows "Clean labeling"
Product: Citrox BC

Air Decontamination
With the use of a fogging machine to decontaminate rooms
Product: Citrox BioKlenz

Bakery Industry

Muffins, cookies, cakes
Replacement of preservatives, Extension of shelf life
Product: Citrox BC Powder (added to product)

Decontamination of products before packaging
No rinse applications for pre packaging of produce to reduce spoilage in the final pack.
Product: Citrox BioKlenz (spraying with fogging machine on surface of product)

Health and Hospitality

For the sanitising and disinfection of medical equipment and accommodation surfaces. For the decontamination of vehicles such as ambulances. Can be used on fabric surfaces such as mattresses and curtains.
Products: Citrox 14W Plus, Citrox 14T ( SaniWash), Sosonaturel surface sanitiser

For sanitising accommodation rooms and food preparation areas.
Products: Citrox 14W Plus, Citrox Saniwash14T, Sosonaturel surface sanitiser

Natural preservative - Extension of shelf life
Product: Citrox Phytobac