A British team of scientists has been working since the late 1990s to achieve a biotechnological breakthrough in pathogen control. Their rather optimistic hypothesis at that time was that if they could build on research initiated in the 1930s by Hungarian Nobel Prize winner Szent-Gyorgi on Natural Bioflavonoids. The objective was to use Nature’s own ‘weapons’ to fight disease in plants, animals and humans. Citrox was one of the companies born from this research.


The product Citrox BC (Bioflavonoid Complex), is a complex bioflavonoid compound created by a former ICI chemist in the UK, Ian Ripley, the M.D and founder of Citrox Ltd. Bioflavonoids are naturally present in plants, fruit and vegetables, there are over 3,600 identified having a wide range of uses including anti-oxidants & food ingredients. The key ingredients are extracted from immature bitter oranges through a specialised extraction & filtration process. The extracted Bioflavonoids are then combined with a number of fruit acids to produce the core bioflavonoid complex (BC). The BC has broad-spectrum anti-microbial, anti-viral, mould and fungus destroying properties. Citrox BC indirect comparisons to chemical sanitisers such as chlorine, peroxide, iodine and QAC perform exceptionally well, in most cases, they outperform the alternatives.


Our vision is to protect the health of humans, animals and plants in a sustainable environment by offering proven effective organic, non-toxic and natural solutions for the management of harmful micro-organisms.


Citrox aims to address the growing demand for replacing synthetically based products for use in cleaning and sanitising operations with eco-friendly options.

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