BioKlenz can be used to sanitise animal rearing facilities, equipment, animal health equipment and clothing. For effective control against pathogens that cause mastitis, footrot and rotavirus.


For the control of bacteria, viral and fungal contamination on instruments, equipment, feeding systems and buildings. A great food grade disinfectant and sanitiser

  • Egg sanitising

Citrox PWT is used to treat water sources used for people, animals and crops. Highly effective at reducing algae and bacteria present in water systems.  Use in poultry and pig breeding water systems to reduce the impact of contaminated water from open water systems.

  • Strengthens the immune system of the birds.

  • Promotes the development of robust and healthy birds.

  • Improves the quality of drinking water.

  • Optimizes the intestinal pH and has a beneficial effect on the intestinal microflora.

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