Use Bioklenz if your intended application includes:

  • Sanitising animal rearing facilities, including; calf rearing sheds, cowsheds, horse stables, pig stys, dog kennels and catteries

  • Transport vehicles 

  • Animal health equipment

  • Farm clothing

  • Egg sanitising

  • Produce Sanitation

  • Chlorine replacement 

  • CIP sanitiser in food and beverage plant

  • General environmental sanitation

  • Direct application onto food conveyor systems

  • Sanitising of filling equipment

  • Processing aid

  • Sanitising of wine barrel​s


Use BioAlexin if your intended application includes:

  • Pre-harvest spraying

  • Improving plant health

  • Increasing crop quality and yields

  • Reducing the dependency on traditional agrochemicals 

  • Safer, more pleasant working conditions for workers

  • Reducing the negative impact of farming on the environment

  • need a product that can be used right up until harvest

  • An affordable product used in a full season programme


Use PWT if your intended application includes:

  • Animal Feeds: Poultry and cattle

  • Water acidifier 

  • Farmhouse water collection tanks​

  • Dairy shed storage tanks​

  • Water tank for own human consumption ​

  • Water Cooling Systems

  • Treatment of water in conditioning and industrial cooling towers​

  • Irrigation and Hydroponics

  • Water systems for irrigation or hydroponic growing systems


Use Saniwash if your intended application includes:

  • Low foaming acid cleaner/sanitiser

  • C.I.P cleaning applications

  • Removal of milk stone from storage tanks and pipework

  • Sanitising of utensils, machinery, floors, walls, washrooms, and bin washing, where a low foaming product is preferred.