Food grade sanitiser

BioKlenz is a unique non-toxic, hypoallergenic, natural food grade sanitiser used to replace chlorine, iodine and peroxide

BioKlenz can be used to sanitise animal rearing facilities, equipment, animal health equipment and clothing. It can also be used to sanitise fresh produce from the garden and for general household duties.

  • Bioklenz can be used in food & beverage plants to sanitise surfaces and pipelines

  • Bioklenz is good for the sanitising of filters. It will kill a broad spectrum of bacteria and fungi and viruses without harming the filter surface

  • Safe to be used in the presence of livestock and on a variety of surfaces

  • Can be applied using dip tanks or spraying/fogging methods.

Effective against all common bacteria found in the food or dairy plant. Use in footbaths, as a CIP sanitiser, general environmental sanitation, direct application onto food conveyor systems and for the sanitising of filling equipment. Can be used in critical areas without rinsing off, when used as a “processing aid”.

* Can cause galvanized steel to corrode 

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