ProAlexin is designed to aid plant & crop health and quality through improved nutrition. It assists in the activation of the plant's natural protection and defence mechanisms.

Use at times of stress for the plant to ensure the best chance of recovery.


ProAlexin can be used in full-season programs for grapes, all fruits, vegetables, cereals, flowers, berry fruit, turf and hydroponics.



  • Improved plant health and vigour and Increases crop quality and yields

  • Does not alter the taste of produce and has no irritant odour 

  • Reduces the dependency on traditional agrochemicals (fertilizers and pesticides)

  • Far less impact on the environment: Biodegradable. Made from natural ingredients

  • No corrosion to expensive plant and equipment, reducing maintenance costs

  • Cost-effective: concentrated formula

  • Can be applied in an integrated programme along with synthetic or organic fertilizers to optimize plant development at the beginning of the growing stages.


ProAlexin can be mixed with most foliar applied fertilisers and will enhance the plant's ability to uptake the nutrients. For example, the key times for the application to grapevines is at flowering, fruit set, veraison and pre-harvest.