BioAlexin & ProAlexin are designed to enhance the plant's immune system and improve their health. The advantages of this innovative application are the reduced use of fertilisers and thus better quality and increased quantity of the crop.

BioAlexin & ProAlexin have been designed to help producers increase their crop having healthy plants without using chemicals and toxic products. The product is a phytoalexin elicitor. It reduces the stress of the plant and its robust growth leads in increased yields. At the same time, we reduce the use of pesticides while increasing yields. Since the plant is sweeter, it is also healthier and more resistant to insects

  • ProAlexin is a plant growth stimulator

  • BioAlexin can be used on a wide range of plants, fruits and vegetables

  • Does not alter the taste of produce

  • Has no irritant odour

  • No residual withholding periods - Can be used right up until harvest without any risk of dangerous residues on produce

  • Reduces the dependency on traditional agrochemicals, fertilisers and pesticides 

  • Non-corrosive to equipment

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