Citrox’s mission consists of developing natural solutions to replace existing toxic chemicals in the food processing, agriculture, animal, surface hygiene, personal care and healthcare industries.

Our Guiding Principles Are:

Sustainable Use of Natural Resources
Citrox at all times will endeavour to make use of sustainable resources and to conserve non-renewable resources that are used in our day to day activities. We will do this through only selecting ingredients that come from renewable resources.

Protection of the BioSphere
We will at all times ensure minimisation of any pollutants that might come from our activities. While our products are naturally derived and non-toxic, we will ensure that at all times we act in a responsible manner to our environment.

Reduction and Disposal of Waste
Reuse and resource reductions are key priorities of Citrox worldwide. We will at all times endeavour to use recycled packing materials. If items are not recyclable, we will endeavour to dispose of them in a responsible manner.

Response to the Public
Citrox likes to encourage open dialogue with key stakeholders and the general public. Relevant information regarding our guiding principles and products will be made available on our website for interested parties to view.

Environmental Audits
Citrox will conduct periodic assessments of our product ranges to ensure that all risks to the environment are known and if any issues arise, we will take every step to remedy the issue.

Recycling Bottles