Citrox PWT is used to treat water sources used for people, animals and crops. Highly effective at reducing algae and bacteria present in water systems. Concentration can be increased many times over if required without any safety issues without increasing flavour taints or causing corrosion.

Water systems can become heavily contaminated as feeding animals drop food back in open systems or poorly treated water sources allow biofilms to grow in the inside of pipes. Also a great food grade disinfectant 

  • Animal Feeds: Poultry and cattle

  • Water acidifier - to ensure inner health and freedom from pathogens such as gram+ and gram- bacteria, fungi and viruses.​

  • Farmhouse water collection tanks​

  • Dairy shed storage tanks​

  • Water tank for own human consumption ​

  • Water Cooling Systems

  • Use for the treatment of water in conditioning and industrial cooling towers​

  • Irrigation and Hydroponics

  • Use for the treatment of water systems for irrigation or hydroponic growing systems

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